So Many Ways to Begin


Set in Coventry, Aberdeen, and Donegal, and ranging across most of the 20th century, So Many Ways To Begin tells the story of David Carter, a museum curator haunted by the gaps in his own history, and Eleanor, his wife, as she struggles with the memory of hers. The book is structured as a catalogue of the items in David’s personal archive, with each letter, photograph and memento serving as the prompt to a story from a variety of pasts. This is a novel about exile, about the search for new beginnings and the need to know about the past; a novel which explores what happens when our lives fail to take the turns we expect, and the ways we learn to let go of the people we might have been.

So Many Ways To Begin was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize. It was shortlisted for the Encore Award, and a South Bank Show award, and featured in the Waterstones “25 Authors for the Future” promotion. It also found a place on the world’s longest longlist, the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. As did 136 other novels that year.

So Many Ways To Begin (Amazon) was published in the US by Bloomsbury USA. You can also find it onĀ Powells and Indiebound.

It has also been translated into Turkish, Romanian, French, Finnish, Italian, Dutch, German, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean and Hebrew. If you happen to blog in any of these languages then contact us for a free copy to offer your readers…